A Super Awesome Crane Print Jumpsuit

Well I think it's super awesome anyway 😊 And since I consider that the opinion of the person wearing something matters the most on the thing in question, and I'm the one wearing it... you know... 😉 So, a little bit of back story... For the last few years (ever since jumpsuits became a thing I guess) I have wanted a jumpsuit.  I'd sort of always vaguely liked the idea (if I had to pick a past decade of fashion as my favorite, I'd probably pick the '70s - I mean the flowy glam maxi dresses and jumpsuits part, not the riot-of-colours, flower power and peace signs everywhere part). I even remember trying on a jumpsuit my mom had (that she told me she wore in her early 20s) when I was about 12. It was an ivory satin halterneck little number, quite fabulous, and I remember being very disappointed I couldn't get it past my hips. Which in retrospect is rather strange, as my hips have always being proportionally small for my build, and I was a really skinny 12 year old

Being Able to Sew Again

All through the post-partum period and beyond (though I have seen argued that "post-partum" is basically the rest of your life after giving birth, and I don't disagree), I have been thinking of sewing in the little moments in which I wasn't absorbed by taking care of my daughter. So basically when she was asleep, and I wasn't. I remember reading lots of sewing blogs while she was napping in my arms, when she was very little. I was imagining that being able to dream up, make and wear exactly what I wanted would help me feel more like myself again. But I didn't have time. I was rushing to get everything done and keep up with the baby's needs, barely stopping to eat, extremely stressed and exhausted. So I was reading during naps, both daydreaming and trying to absorb information, glean all the theoretical sewing knowledge I could (in my sleep deprived state). Of course as I found out later, theoretical knowledge is quite different from practice! (I had a case

From PJ Pants to Face Masks

A number of years ago (pre-kiddo, which sometimes feels like a lifetime away), I made some PJ bottoms for my (then boyfriend now) husband and myself. I was enrolled in an evening sewing class, and the theme for the class projects was elastic waist pants, so I thought it'd be a nice idea. I bought some cotton (I believe it's quilting cotton, but then again I've never made or even touched a quilt, so I can't be sure 🙂) at Stoffen Spektakel (which doesn't help with fabric identification, as it's an indoor market with lots of little stalls filled with fabric bolts, but very few labels on the bolts). Some navy with white stars, and some grey with white stars. There was some wrong measuring, some swapping colors, letting out seam allowances and using a hem facing to conserve length, but I got there in the end 🙂 Here are the resulting PJ bottoms: Fast-forward a good 5 or 6 years, and we're now in a crazy Covid-induced reality, and we need

Hello World... redux

Does anyone even say "redux" anymore? Anyway, many moons ago, I used to occasionally post stuff at  What happened in the meantime? I had a kid. It... was a big change (understatement of the year? decade? millennium?). Not to sound overdramatic (actually, I don't really care if I do, this is my space after all 🙂), but since the birth and the aftermath went quite epically badly, it felt like a nuclear blast tabula rasa-ed my world... I've been slowly rebuilding, and I'm now trying to reconfigure some pieces of my life's puzzle. One piece I'm feeling more and more missing is self-expression, hence the return to blogging (I remember typing streams of consciousness as being quite pleasant, before the days of any follow-up thought being interrupted by "Mama! Mama! Mama!"). (Rant aside, my little one is quite lovely. Exhausting, and sometimes infuriating as toddlers can be, but lovely). Anyway, let's see how this goes